Michelle Kovacevic

All About Michelle Kovacevic

Michelle's work centers around storytelling and bringing diverse groups of people together into unassuming spaces to co-create playful, surprising & transformative experiences. She started on this path as a science communicator - working with physicists in Melbourne, climate scientists in Paris, forestry scientists in Indonesia to help them find their voice amongst the technical jargon of their day to day research and use this voice to better impact policy and public opinion. In 2011, she relocated to Indonesia as the youngest staff member to work at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). She founded the institute’s blog and social media channels, which quickly became leading examples in the development sector. She has published hundreds articles and organized and run dozens of workshops to train policymakers, journalists and teachers science communication and social media skills. For the past few years, she has been helping young farmers and foresters more effectively participate in conferences (see www.landscapes.org/youth) and realize their potential through mentoring opportunities (see www.ypard.net/mentoring). She also consults to Future Earth whee she recently ran Australia’s first virtual reality hackathon on urban sustainability, the results of which were presented at the world’s largest conference on cities in Ecuador (UN Habitat). Michelle always has a number of volunteer projects on the go – at the moment she is the Melbourne alumni coordinator for the Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth (CAUSINDY) and is advising adaptive development consultancy, Cohere on their communications strategy and mindset development work. Michelle holds a first class honours degree in neuroscience and diploma in Indonesian language from the University of Melbourne. Her full portfolio can be found at www.michellekovacevic.com and she’s on Twitter @kovamic.