Grew up in the country side of Belgium and at a young age always exploring the woods and spending time in nature. I was always fascinated with fauna and flora, rescuing birds or building camps in the forest. Higher education lead me to complete a bachelor in business and marketing with a major in innovative and creative management. An internship was part of my final year at university and I would like to think the destination of this assignment choose me. I found a postcard of New Zealand one day and just knew this is where I wanted to go. It was one of the longest flights to undertake from Belgium and I arrived in New Zealand with just a backpack and the assignment to the develop the market for Belgian Beer in New Zealand. After completing my bachelor degree and the adventure in New Zealand, I was ready for more and decided to travel South-East Asia and Australia. My travels took me around Australia for 12 months, through to Thailand, Indonesia and Fiji. A wonderful time of freedom, adventure and travel ended and I was back in Belgium, this time back to reality and finding employment. The successful internship in New Zealand lead to a sales role with a Belgian Brewery and I represented their beer for a number of years in the Flemish market. But the life of adventure and freedom still appealed to me and shortly after meeting my current wife, we returned to Australia. I had an opportunity to work with an Australian customer of the Belgian Brewery that I worked for at the timw. This time, I was to develop and build the Melbourne market and bring international craft beers from Belgium, Austria, Germany, Japan, Vietnam and England to the Melbourne bars. My job took me to various events and soon the role needed me to travel interstate. However, after the many years in the hospitality industry and working in the nice market of craft beers, I was in need of new energy and the feeling of making a difference.

Fast forward to 2016, when I decided to leave my role and find my true purpose. Sailing and reading has always been an inspiration so I took some time to go sailing in various parts of Australia and also spend time in a meditation retreat. Piece by piece, I found inspiration and meaning. My experience and vision have met and Farmwall was born.