Nicola Vague

All About Nicola Vague

At the core my work is about growing connection; to self, to each other and to the workplace, community and world around us. That is what I believe we need to thrive individually and to grow health high performing human teams and organisations.

My clients are senior executives and their teams in the public and private sector leading businesses and enterprises where the pursuit of profit is balanced by a greater sense of purpose.

Through my business Evolving Leaders , I support the evolution and growth of clients through:

  • Executive Coaching: Leadership and Wellbeing Assessment & Development

  • Facilitation: Team Development (Culture and Wellbeing), Workshops and Retreats

  • Key- Note Speaking: Leadership Conferences & Professional Development events

I write a blog and newsletter called The Human Organisation that focuses on the personal leadership that is required to thrive in this complex time.

As a constantly Evolving Leader myself, my personal vision is to become a transformational speaker, author of multiple books and to facilitate transformational travel/ leadership development experiences for executives that make a lasting contribution to communities across the globe.

I love to learn, to dream and to connect dots that have never been connected before. To satisfy this creative, adventurous, adrenalin seeking and visionary part of me, I currently have two ‘purpose’ projects underway:

  • High Sensitivity Personality Trait - Last year I came across some research that changed my life. I (along with 20 percent of the population) have what is recognised by the world of science and research as a highly sensitive personality trait (HSP). I am currently at the diagnose phase to link HSP and leadership and to ignite this conversation in the Diversity & Inclusion space

  • Creating Psychological Safety in Teams through Personal Leadership – I have developed a Personal Leadership Model and am looking for a leadership team to partner with to embark upon the detailed design and delivery of a learning experience to grow a psychologically safe team culture.