Miranda Bruyn

All About Miranda Bruyn

Occupational Therapy provides client-centred support for individuals and their champions to rebuild their capacity to work productively, maintain roles and responsibilities at home and in the community, and/or manage daily self-care activities. Occupational Therapy supports people to maintain dignity, ability, independence and choice in whatever it is they want to do.

Presently, I contract to experienced, boutique occupational rehabilitation providers. Come speak with me now about requiring a rehabilitation consultant to assist return to work after injury or illness; ergonomic set up at home and work; coaching on pain management; home assessments for self-care issues; aids and equipment recommendations and more!

However, my own life transition is in play as I set up my own business called OCCUPATION MATTERS. I want to provide specialised Occupational Therapy support to individuals and their champions to better navigate life transitions, from entry into employment to retirement and post retirement into older age.


  • coordinate, design and obtain funding for functional, accessible home environments for older persons or those with physical limitations, who would prefer to stay in their homes;

  • provide comprehensive functional, social integration and cognitive medicolegal assessments to help individuals and their champions plan life and occupational goals;

  • achieve those goals by providing expert case management and navigation of the healthcare, insurance and disability support schemes;

  • focus on ability and strengths, and address any limitations or barriers that impact on successful life transitions.

Feel free to talk with me about your own life transition experiences, and help me better understand what’s REALLY needed in this space as I develop these ideas.

Cheers, Miranda